Purva Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

Edible Oils are as important to our bodies as engine oil is to our vehicle engine. A wrong or adulterated oil can cause long term damage to our bodies. We all take great care of our engines; shouldn't we take greater care of our bodies?

What is cold pressed oil?

Cold pressed oil is extracted by compressing the oil seeds in a low heat process like traditional bull drawn kachi ghani or mara chekku. If the temperature does not exceed 49C at any point of the oil extraction process , such oil can be called cold pressed.

Cold-pressed oil, also called cold-drawn, or virgin, oil, is purer and has a better flavour than oil expressed with the aid of heat. After pressing the meals made from oily seeds or nuts, the remaining cake contains about 5 to 15 percent oil.

How are conventional oils extracted?

They are extracted in expellers and other high power compression methods where the
oil seeds are exposed to high heat. In this method the focus is on extracting maximum oil and no importance is given to preserving the nutrients, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants present in cold pressed oil.

Most of the oil present in these residues, and in meals made from seeds and nuts that naturally contain little oil, can be removed by extraction with volatile solvents, especially petroleum benzin (also known as petroleum ether, commercial hexane, or heptane). The solvent is percolated through the meal, dissolving the oil, which is finally recovered from the solution by evaporating the solvent. The solvent is also recovered and used over again.

All this is extremely bad for the health of the consumer.

Are Cold Pressed Oils healthier?

Cold pressed oils are indeed healthier than hot pressed oils as they retain their original nutrients. They also contain antioxidants which are usually absent in hot pressed oil because of their exposure to high heat.

How is your oil better?

At Sriram Foods, we grow most of our groundnuts organically. We also have a cluster of organic farmers who are committed to the organic movement for over a decade and we buy our extra requirement from such farmers after field visit and due diligence. We also test our oils in laboratories for chemical residues.

Purva Organic Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil is 100% Pure

Purva Organic Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil is 100% Unrefined

Purva Organic Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil is the best cooking oil in India!

You can see our slow moving oil mill in the video below