Groundnut Oil

Organic, cold pressed groundnut oil is a natural source of several essential vitamins and minerals. The major nutrients gained from the groundnut oil, Niacin and MUFA( monounsaturated fatty acids) are retained to a higher degree in cold pressed oils. Our groundnut oil is sourced from organically grown groundnuts that is rich in Niacin and MUFAs that lower bad cholestrol and increase good cholesterol and has its high protein content intact due to low teperature extraction. With such a concentration of nutrients and organic goodness, three-fourths of ours is a whole!

Ingredients and Nutrients

Sun-dried groundnut(100% Organic & Toxin-free)

Nutritional Values per100 grams
Energy in Kcals 899.55
Total fat 99.95 g
Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids 48.4 g
Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids 33.4 g
Saturated Fatty Acids 17.8 g


Topical Application

  • Excellent moisturizer; natural remedy for eczema, dry skin and scalp crusting
  • Prevents aging and wrinkle formation in the skin
  • Effective & safe anti-inflammatory oil for joint and muscle pains
  • When mixed with 2-3 drops of lemon juice, groundnut oil can help clear acne
  • Groundnut oil thicken hair by addition of essential proteins and repairs split ends by moisturizing them

Oral Hygiene

  • For smooth lips, massaging the lips with groundnut oil has been proven to be effective

By Consumption

  • Groundnut oil improves cardiac health by preventing atherosclerotic lesions
  • Contains Vitamin E in natural form
  • Contains MUFA (mono unsaturated fatty acids) which lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol
  • Helps against constipation, diarrhea and digestive disorders
  • Groundnut oil is well known for the delicious nutty flavor it adds to the food
  • Groundnut oil has a neutral taste and does not taint or absorb the food that’s fried in it – rather multiple food stuff can be fried in the same batch of oil
  • High viscosity of this oil leads to high smoke point (can be heated to temperature of 450°F) therefore its perfect for deep frying multiple food stuff without cross contamination of flavor or taste
  • Due to its distinct flavor, it is popularly used as a salad dressing