Clean Sources

All our sources are personally verified to make sure that the produce is grown organically. We have visited their farms and are regularly in contact with them. In addition, we also grow all three oilseeds ourselves. We make it a point to keep our supply batches separately so that we can ensure traceability back to the farms it was sourced from.

We grow upto a third of the groundnut we process ourselves. The remaining is sourced from organic growers within the Coimbatore and Tiruppur districts. As the demand for oil increases we are looking to slowly increase our farmer base.

We grow enough coconut on our own farms to produce a months supply of oil. The rest of the coconut is sourced from personal contacts within Pollachi (not more than 20 km distance).

Most of the sesame for oil is supplied to us from an organic farmers society in Villipurum and a small quantity is grown on our own farms.