Clean Environment

Our efforts to support sustainable farming and reduce food miles* is part of our commitment to keeping our environment clean. In addition we try to ensure that there is little or no waste created through our products.

The by products from coconut and groundnut are sold locally as cattle feed, while sesame oil cakes are sold to bigger merchants who use it in commercial cattle feed. Since it has high protein content and is not completely devoid of nutrients the farmers find that 600-700g of coconut or groundnut oil cakes easily replaces one kilo of regular cattle feed. The coconut fibre and shell is sold to local industries to make coir and other products.

Wastage due to spoilage is also minimised thanks to our practice of shelling only limited quantities. Wastage of groundnut is 5-7 %, sesame 9% and coconut 3-5 %. Only when it rains do we find that our coconut wastage increases. This groundnut and coconut waste goes into compost on the farm which nourishes our vegetables.

Our machines have also been modified so that the motor directly feeds the expeller resulting in very little power wastage compared to older machines.

In order to reduce the packaging for our products we offer our clients the option of buying oil in bulk. We offer 10l and 30l jerry cans. One of the organic shops we supply to in Chennai stores the oil in steel drums and encourages its customers to bring their own containers to refill.