Our Story

The seed of Sriram Foods was sown a few years back. Raja was organically growing coconuts and selling them in the open market thereby losing the value of organic food, as it was just bundled and shipped along with those grown chemically. A friend told him about the lack of trusted sources for good organic oil in the market. So in 2012 he started taking his copra to a nearby mill and then selling the oil to people. Unhappy with the way the mill produced his oil he then bought a used press. It had a lot of issues. It required lots of power. It was a 30HP motor which ran 2 machines but they needed 3 phase power to do so, which was a scarcity in those days of acute power shortage in rural Tamilnadu. They found they could only run the machines for limited periods e.g. at night.

Ravi and Raja started tinkering with machine for seven-eight months. Finally in 2013 when they managed to devise a chekku / ghani / rotary press, which could function on a single phase 3 HP motor. Now they have 4 machines – two for coconut oil, one (made of wood) for groundnut and one for sesame. In 2014 Sriram Foods was registered as a firm. It produced and sold 15,000 litres of oil last year, all on the basis of the quality of product and the whispers of friends. In 2015 it continues to grow.